We have been working remotely for the past week here at Enhance Wellbeing Counselling and Coaching as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic to keep our clients and clinicians safe and the feedback from all participants has been overwhelmingly positive.


This means that ALL of our sessions are going ahead but we are using remote strategies to connect. We have used phone, face-time (I-phone)and zoom video and chat as platforms and each has worked well with no glitches. 

This coming week we will again be doing 100% remote sessions due to the need to be vigilant about our health and the health of those around us.

If you have access to a computer with camera and microphone we can use the zoom platform - we will send a link, you click the link at the time of appointment and we connect with a live stream. If you have an apple i-phone we can alternatively use facetime. Having the ability to see each other adds to the quality of the experience. If you would prefer or if you do not have the options mentioned, we can simply use the phone - this way you also get to stay in your jammies if you are at home - have messy hair - not worry about the Vegemite on your chin. We can also use zoom with a black screen to type messages on that encrypted format if this is your preference. 

For those who pay for their sessions, no Medicare rebate can be applied for these sessions at this stage but we have contacted Medicare to see when they may rectify this.

It is important to maintain regular therapy during these unsettling times so please prioritise your mental health and allow us to continue supporting you.

For more info and ongoing updates, please see our facebook or instagram @enhancewellbeingcounselling.

As we would love to continue to support you during these uncertain times, we would also love to work with you around the best way to connect with you remotely.
 If cost is an issue talk to us and we can look at scheduling spacing (sessions 4-6 weeks apart instead of fortnightly) or other creative options. Speak to us though so we can get feedback on what we are offering. 

  • For your upcoming session you can nominate whether you would like to connect via phone, face-time, zoom video or zoom chat.

  • At your appointment time or within 5 mins (to allow for any delays) you will receive a phone call - or if you have nominated zoom - the "room" will be open to you - after a few minutes you will be well used to the new format.

  • Please ensure you have a quiet and confidential space to talk from - even if this is in your car. 

If you are a Supervision Client - zoom is preferred if possible as we can share documents via the platform and have a more interactive experience. 

Thank you for your understanding and for your ongoing support of our small business during this time. 

Stay well. Stay positive. Chat soon 

Kate and The Team
Enhance Wellbeing Counselling and Coaching


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