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May 28-June 3 Lockdown Victoria Wide

During this lockdown we are able to continue to provide support for you via  telehealth phone and zoom. Being in Allied Health, Where this is not clinically appropriate we can continue to offer face to face support. If you are unsure please drop us a line via email/ text or phone. 

COVID-19 in Victoria meant a lot of changes for everyone in the way we worked. For many that meant working from home and using ZOOM to connect to meetings. 
At Enhance Wellbeing Counselling we were no exception and I thank all of you that persevered thru this time, continuing to connect and receive support. 

We are now back to working face to face with clients but can still provide video or phone based sessions for anyone who prefers this method. Thursdays are exclusively phone/video telehealth based, however we can provide telehealth sessions on any day you are currently booked should you require this option. 

If you have not yet connected back with us in 2021, please drop us an email, phone us or send a text, or alternatively book online. 

For ZOOM or phone sessions:

If you have access to a computer with camera and microphone we can use the zoom platform - we will send a link to join at the time of the session.

For regular updates, continue to refresh this page. 

  • Please ensure you have a quiet and confidential space to talk from if you are utilising telehealth and it is preferred you do not have others in the room with you. 

Stay well. Stay positive. Chat soon 

Kate and The Team
Enhance Wellbeing Counselling and Coaching

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