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Kate Lithgow is an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker, Counsellor and Director of Enhance Wellbeing Counselling. Kate is registered with Medicare to offer rebates as well as an NDIS provider and an EAP provider..


Kate has over 25 years experience in mental health and psychological supports, counselling, social work and pastoral care and has worked in local government, not for profit and private practice. She has extensive experience in helping people of all ages working through issues of grief and loss, anxiety, stress, depression, domestic abuse and intimate partner violence, burnout, trauma, relationship issues and more. 

Kate has special interest in trauma-informed practice and utilizes evidence-based practice approaches such as EMDR (eye movement desensitisation reprocessing)which is especially helpful in trauma based therapy , CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy),TIST (trauma informed stabilisation therapy)  psycho education and relaxation techniques. Kate also incorporates psychotherapy, mindfulness and positive psychology in a multi modal approach rather than a one size fits all. Kate also works in skills training such as problem solving, anger management, stress management, communication skills, social skills and more. Kate is an NDIS and Medicare provider. 

Kate works with trauma informed, evidence based practise approaches, utilising certified focussed psychological therapies such as CBT, EMDR, Trauma informed stabilisation Therapy, Internal Family Systems, psycho-education, relaxation and mindfulness as well as Skills training, which includes • Problem solving • Anger management • Social skills • Communication • Stress management • Parent management. etc.

Kate has 4 children, 2 dogs (who also come into work from time to time),  and has lived on the Surfcoast for 28 years, Kate enjoys an active lifestyle including running (can anyone say  Parkrun), cycling, swimming and exploring the many walking tracks the Surfcoast has to offer. If the weather is rainy, you will find her curled up with a good book (Kate reads non-fiction leadership and psychology books for fun) playing scrabble or watching netflix.

Kate has a Masters Degree in Social Work with Deakin University, an undergrad Degree in Youth Affairs with RMIT, a Diploma in Counselling with the AIPC and a Diploma in Ministry with Harvest, and is accredited to offer Medicare rebates on sessions. Kate is also an NDIS provider for any clients on an NDIS plan and utilises EMDR where this may be helpful in a treatment protocol.

Drop Kate a line to see if she can help you on your journey. 

About Kate Lithgow



Mental Health

About Lily

Lily is a gentle Maltese Shi Tzhu who loves to sleep. You will often find her curled up like a bumble bee in her favourite bean bag or on the nearest lap. 

Her favourite toy is a sloth that she loves to squeak constantly (to her delight and everybody else's annoyance). 

Lily pretends to not love walks, running away when she sees the lead, however, once we get going she loves to be outside. 

Lily loves people and will snuggle in for long cuddles and tummy rubs. 

Lily has a habit of falling asleep mid session and snoring loudly. Dont take it personally, she does this to everyone


About Piper

Piper is also a Maltese Shi Tzhu, but she is much more active than Lily and loves to greet people and offer them support in the way of a paw or sitting next to a client on the couch. 

Her favourite toy is a giant fox that she proudly carries from room to room.

Piper actually  loves walks, and encourages Lily to come along. 

Piper is in the clinic whenever possible.

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